Positive Mind Counseling and Coaching
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$150, 50 minutes
$175, 50 minutes in home


Positive Mind Counseling takes a holistic approach to human development, recognizing that each of us exercises free will to change, or not. You have the resources within to meet any challenge. Counseling facilitates discovery and mastery of those resources. Spend less time on what you perceive as "wrong" and more time determining your true desires and manifesting them. View problems as opportunities to release limitations, to grow and to experience more joy.


  • clarify your true desires
  • learn that you are a powerful creator – in thought, word and deed
  • recognize the guidance communicated by your emotions
  • focus on what is wanted now; release negative thoughts, images and bioenergetic blocks
  • allow more joy and good into your life
  • manage stress and balance health by attending to body, mind and spirit

*A New Beginning II, Jerry and Esther Hicks

Cecelia Hope Manley

Office: 179 Post Road West, 2nd Floor, Westport, CT 06880
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